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Anonymous asked: When you say medieval unicorns, do you mean those used for jousting?

If you search on google images “medieval unicorn tapestry”, you’ll see what I mean!

Anonymous asked: You're very interesting you know that? Tell me something else about you. Long or short.

Thanks! I don’t believe in a reality independent of our own minds. Also tapestries with medieval unicorns on them are rad.

You Are Responsible For Your Own Happiness

Anonymous asked: What's the long version?

When I told you I like to think, I didn’t really tell you anything, except that I told you everything.

Because thinking is the key to how you feel and what you do or say, and it’s the spark for every chain reaction. There’s overthinking, underthinking, future-thinking, past-thinking, and then there’s another genre like whether you’re brooding or reflecting, broadening perspective or narrowing it, looking at the world or within yourself. Thinking is just a thin layer above consciousness, but it makes us the kind of people we are, shapes our beliefs, and defines our reality. 

I could easily tell you I like to run, collect exotic spices, and speak French— all of which I do— but that’s no fun. It’s too narrow. What’s powerful has nothing to do with my personal likes and interests, but has everything to do with the world that we’re capable of perceiving and reacting to, the birth of thought. We’re a fraction of a speck on the map of the universe, yet we hold the universe in our heads. Now that is something.

So that’s why I like to think.

Anonymous asked: What do you like to do?

This question is actually difficult to answer concisely— The short answer is that I like to think. Let me know if you want to hear the long version.

Blue Moose tees is evil. Evil, I tell you.

might make them angry
it will make you free."

- Nayyirah Waheed, If No One Has Ever Told You, Your Freedom is More Important Than Their Anger (via quotebookshelf)

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June 2012

"You can tell more about a person by what he says about others than you can by what others say about him."

- Leo Aikman (via myquotelibrary)

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"Talking about our problems is our greatest addiction.
Break that habit.
Talk about your joys."

- Rita Schiano (via think-in-ink14)